X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Spectrometer

The Rigaku Ultima IV  XRD spectrometer is a full size machine designed for high accuracy and high throughput.

Rigaku XRD
Rigaku Ultima IV XRD.

The 1760W water cooled copper X-ray tube generates a very high level of X-ray flux. The D/TeX solid state X-ray detector has a sensitivity 50x higher than a conventional scintillation detector. These combine to provide excellent counting statistics, an optimal signal to noise ratio, and excellent detection of trace components.

Our 48 position automatic sample loader means the machine can run unattended 24/7 and this provides extra time for running XRDs. We can tailor the run time for each sample to ensure even the smallest samples have enough XRD time to generate accurate results.

Rigaku XRD
X-ray tube and optics on left goniometer, sample changer in center, detector on right goniometer.