Unknown Material?

We identify and quantify the type and amount of known and unknown materials.

Scales, precipitates, corrosion products, sludges, drilling mud, produced solids, frac sand, metallurgical, polymers, fibers, filters, chemicals, and amorphous samples can all be analyzed.

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Reservoir Quality

Through petrographic analysis we assess reservoir quality and sensitivity.

Based on integrated analyses including Thin Section, SEM, and XRD. With our decades of experience with conventional, tight, and oil sand zones we will optimize your completions and production.

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Our Technology

We have the best equipment to give you the best results.

Our full size Rigaku XRD machine with high output water cooled X-ray tube, and JEOL SEM with a large sensor Oxford X-Max50 EDS generate superior signal to noise ratios and give fast accurate results.

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Special Projects

Do you have a unique challenge?

Our team will work with you to tailor analysis and reporting specific to your needs. Our expertise covers SAGD scale, slotted liners, industrial chemicals, dust control, forensic examination, failure analysis, and more.

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Results and Experience You Can Trust